Summary of Protective Codes, Covenants & Restrictions
for Pipers Ridge.

For information concerning North Carolina law pertaining to planned communities, refer to the
NC Real Estate Commission
and the NC Planned Community Act.

This is an unofficial, informal summary of the protective covenants of Pipers Ridge. For specifics and particulars, refer to the complete document, located at and at the Catawba County Register of Deeds.


Owners of more than one homesite at Pipers have just one vote in the association, regardless of how many homesites they own. (1)

Each homesite can be used for one single family home only. No businesses of any kind can be operated on a Pipers Ridge lot. (2a)

No single or double-wide manufactured homes are allowed. (2b)

No lot can be used as a street or roadway. (2c)

Homes with less than 1100 square feet of living space are not allowed. (3) For specifics on home construction requirements, see section 3.

One accessory building, not more than 200 square feet and of the same style as the house, and constructed of the same material, can be constructed at the rear of the homesite. (4)

Any building or other construction on the property must be first approved by the HOA Architectural Review Committee. (6)

An easement of 15 feet exists to the front of your lot, or any side of the lot facing the road or cul de sac. You should not plant or build anything in this area. The city can and will remove it. However, you are responsble for maintaining this area. (8)

Chain link dog fences are not permitted on any lot. (17, second amendment)

No wrecked or junked vehicle, or vehicle without current license and registration shall be permitted to remain on any lot. (12)

No homesite shall be used or maintained in an unsightly manner, or for dumping rubbish, trash or debris. Rubbish, trash and debris must be kept in covered containers. Fuel tanks (propane, etc.) shall be situated so as not to be visible from any street or other residence. (9)

Fences may be constructed to the rear of the property, not extending forward past the back side of the home. (10)

Fences must not be chain link. No new chain link fences are permitted, but chain link fences existing prior to this amendment are o.k. (10, third amendment)

Outside clotheslines are not permitted. (10)

Basketball goals are permitted on the homesite, but not in the street and not in any cul de sac. (10)

Television antennas are not permitted on the exterior of the home. Satellite dishes 24” or less in diameter are permitted but must be attached to the rear of the home. (11)

No noxious or offensive activity can be carried out on any lot, nor any activity that might be a nuisance or annoyance to the neighborhood. (12)

No truck or commercial vehicle in excess of one ton may be parked or permitted to remain on any lot. (12)

No above ground swimming pools are permitted. This refers to “permanent” above ground pools, but not temporary, small children's splash pools. (13)

No signs of any kind are permitted on any lot, except for one sign offering the home for sale. (14)

No animals, livestock or poultry can be raised and bred on any lot. Household dogs and cats are okay provided they are not being kept, bred, or maintained for commercial purposes. (16)

All dogs must be kept on a leash and must also comply with city and county leash laws (if applicable.) (16)

These restrictions will remain in effect until 2025. At that time they will automatically renew, unless a majority of homeowners vote to amend or terminate them.

On street parking is not permitted. Cars must be parked in the driveway, carport, or garage. (19, second amendment.)

Each homeowner must keep their property well groomed and maintained after completion of construction. The Architectural Review Committee can arrange for the removal of any debris and unsightly object and then charge the property owner for the removal. (20, second amendment)

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